Invited Speaker 




Assoc. Prof. Emi Yuda, Dr.Eng., PhD.

Tohoku University, Japan


Speech Title: Future Technology for Non-invasively Estimating Biological Status Using Bio-signal Processing for Human

Abstract: In this talk, focus on cutting-edge research in human bio-signal processing and the analysis of bio-medical big data. Especially, I highlight advancements in signal processing techniques for extracting valuable information from bio-signals heart rate variability (HRV) and body acceleration. And discuss innovative methods for enhancing bio-signal data accuracy, human privacy, and security, as well as their applications in healthcare and human-computer interaction.
Additionally, address challenges and future directions in human bio-signal research, emphasizing the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration and ethical considerations in handling bio-medical big data.  


Biography: Assoc. Prof. Emi Yuda is one of Japanese information engineer whose areas of expertise are bio-signal processing and bio-medical big data analysis. She is an associate professor at Tohoku University and has contributed to innovative research during her career. D. degrees in both informatics (Ph.D.) and engineering (Dr. Eng.). She applies ECG and acceleration signal analysis techniques from medical devices and wearable sensors to the fields of health science, disease screening, medication adherence and rehabilitation. Her research focuses on human dynamics, starting from pre-symptomatic disease state, disorder to recovered. Her work has helped develop new algorithms and improved the performance of human state estimation techniques. Research projects under her direction have attracted industrial interest and she has collaborated with many companies. She has actively presented her work at international conferences and in academic journals. She is also active as a reviewer of academic papers.